About Essential Health and Wellness

Good Health Means Good Life!

Our lifestyles have changed significantly over the years due to several factors including technology, population growth, work culture, change in food habits and other social and economic factors. All these have major impact on one's health. Besides these, age, genetics, environment, employment, education and living conditions are all factors affecting health. In addition to these, behavioral aspects such alcohol, smoking/vaping, poor diet, malnutrition, stress and lack of physical activity also contribute to bad health. When it comes to overall health and well being, mental health is as important as physical health. Therefore, a holistic approach to health and wellness is desired. Lifestyle and diet changes can fix many illness. I have started this site a repository for health and wellness information. While I hope the visitors to this site will find this information useful, my primary intent at the beginning was this being reference site for my children who I want to eat well and live a healthy and well life.

Why Essentialhealthandwellness.net?

I hope this website provides information to empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Health is probably the most important of your possessions.